Wurstl / Salami protein structure alignment tool

WURSTL: Structure ALignment Tool

This is not finished and not ready for public consumption, but if you are of tough constitution, download this tar (linux) or this tar (windows) file, unpack, "make build" and then read on..

This is a version of our protein superposition code. If you have two proteins and want a structural superposition and alignment, use this.

Be careful for two reasons.

  • The code will be cleaned up by next week. There is almost no documentation.
  • The code will not be as fast as our server. Our server can scan the PDB in minutes. This code will take a few seconds for just one alignment, because it cannot take advantage of the precalculations the server uses.
The reason is that our work focuses on the server, which is a largish beast. In order to make the structural alignments available, we have extracted the minimum necessary. As Shakespeare said, this code has been "from its mother’s womb untimely ripped."

If you have something to say now, mail torda@zbh.uni-hamburg.de